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Area Calculator

Area Conversion Calculator

Please enter area and select the unit name from which you want to convert to other units.
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Biswa-1 (L)   Biswa-2 (L)
Cents   Chataks
Grounds   Guntha
Hectares   Kanal
Kottah   Marla
Perch   Rood
Sq. Km   Sq. Miles
(L): These are non metric local unit names popular in various regions. We have used following Formulas to derive other units.
1 Biswa-1 = 32408.64 Sq. M = 38720.00 Sq. Yards = 320.00 Guntha
1 Biswa-2 = 50638.49 Sq. M = 60499.99 Sq. Yards = 500.00 Guntha
1 Bigha-1 = 1620.43 Sq. M = 1935.99 Sq. Yards = 16.00 Guntha
1 Bigha-2 = 2531.92 Sq. M = 3024.99 Sq. Yards = 25.00 Guntha

Disclaimer: Accuracy of calculations pertaining to Metric and English unit measure of area is upto two decimals. However, as several versions of the regional units exist in the sub-continent, we suggest users undertake a sample calculation to establish consonance between their unit measure and that used in our calculator. Please consult local government authority for any specific unit information.